Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eggs Benny Pizza

This pizza was inspired by a special at the new fancy pizza place down the street from us.  The dough was from The Vegan Family Cookbook.  The hollandaise sauce and "eggs" were adapted from Vegan Brunch and the "chorizo" was leftover from a yummy batch we made last week from Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food.  We made it by layering Hollandaise, tofu scramble, fresh tomatoes and chorizo slices, MORE hollandaise, and Smart Bacon.

The finished masterpiece

Brian: Let me preface this first review by saying I love pizza. I mean, I REALLY love pizza. It is alway the food I want, and my stomach seems to have the strange ability to never be filled by it. I mention this to illustrate that, like Ebert (R.I.P.) in his later years, it's going to be very hard for anything to get less than at least a 4 slices out of 5 (we're doing slices right, Allie?) As long as it is on crust and has technically spent time in an oven, it's ok in my book. 

Bias aside, I can solidly give this pizza 5 slices out of 5. Considering our winter hiatus from using the pizza stone on the grill, we really knocked this one out of the park. I can assure you that Allie made this pizza in to a perfect circle prior to going on the grill, but due to a band practice gone long the liquids from the hollandaise and tomatoes made the dough stickier than it otherwise would have been. This meant that getting it off the peel and on to the stone was more difficult than in the past. On that topic, the importance of corn meal-ing the crap out of everything the pizza is going to touch cannot be understated, as it was the only thing that made the transfer close to possible. Despite the high sauce level and amount of toppings, the crust cooked perfectly and evenly and allowed for a good slice hold and support. The slight spice of the homemade chorizo really set the whole thing off and the entire experience felt like the most decadent thing you could imagine eating (pizza?! and brunch?! and hollandaise sauce?! Oh my!) This decadence made it the first time in a long time there was a slice left I just couldn't bring myself to eat. Somehow, I managed to find the strength about an hour later and munched it down, leaving my "no slice left behind" policy unblemished. I can safely say this pizza will be in rotation for a long time to come. 

Allie: Brunch is my favorite meal, I love eggs benedict, and I love pizza, so it's no surprise that this pizza gets a 5 out of 5-slice rating from me.  I love brunch so much that my cat is named Brunch, and he is a constant disappointment to me in comparison to brunch the meal.  Pizza is great but I don't love it as much as Brian does, because I can't eat cheese and that's an integral part of most pizza.  I don't think either of us missed having cheese on this one though.

We'd never made this dough before and it was one of the best tasting recipes I've tried, although it was a little sticky even before the moisture of the toppings got to it.  I might add a bit more flour next time.  Also, if I'd seeded the tomatoes and drained the tofu more it could have helped.  But in the end it was bubbly, chewy, and nice and crisp on the bottom.  It was thick enough to support the extra-heavy toppings but not doughy like thick pizzas can get.  The hollandaise was the star of this pizza, it was creamy and rich and went great with the fresh tomato and chorizo. The tofu scramble was sort of overwhelmed by the other toppings but every once in awhile I sort of felt like it was eggy in a nice way.  I don't think I got much Smart Bacon on my slices because Brian was totally picking all the pieces off and snacking on them. [Ed. Note: WAS NOT]  It was incredibly filling, I was stuffed after 2 smallish slices.  And it's definitely the first time we had any pizza left over (not for long!).

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