Friday, May 10, 2013

Turkey Gobbler Pizza

This pizza layered mushroom gravy from Veganomicon with cornbread stuffing from Vegan Celebrations, asparagus, more gravy, and Tofurkey smoked turkey slices.  The dough was from The Vegan Family Cookbook.

Gobble! Gobble Gobble!

Allie: Thanksgiving in May, on pizza.  OMFG.  5/5.  Brian sucks. Tofurky 4 eva.
[Translation: I love Thanksgiving, this pizza was a perfect combination of all my favorite parts of it.  Brian doesn't actually suck, but like most things he would be better if smothered in gravy.  Tofurky gets really crispy and amazing on top of pizza.  This meal had me "stuffing" my face all night.]

Brian: While I may suck, this pizza certainly did not. It's all the good things about thanksgiving, including the post meal drowsiness, but on a pizza and without annoying family so it's about a million times better. We finally nailed the crust, using the recipe from the first two pizzas but instead of rolling it out (which is a habit we picked up from using inferior doughs) we just spread it by hand which made it really light and not at all cracker-ish. This pizza required pretty intense preparations, but luckily Allie was kind enough to make an entire cornbread to use in the stuffing, make the gravy and then assemble the stuffing before I got home. All these combined as toppings resulted in a pizza that needed two hands to bring to the grill on the peel. This also meant that I could only down 3 slices, which I think is actually the same amount of food most people normally have at thanksgiving. I will agree with Allie that this was a 5/5 slice pizza, but definitely one to break out only on special occasions.

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