Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cameroon-Style Seitan with Spinach

This recipe is from Vegan Fire and Spice.  We added 3 dried dundicut chile peppers and served it over Israeli couscous cooked in vegetable broth.

Allie: I can't say enough good things about this recipe!  It was easy, fast, and packed with flavor.  The recipe called for store-bought seitan, which we used, but next time I would make my own since the ready-made stuff is not that great and a waste of money.  We added the dried chiles with the onions as suggested, which caused the kitchen to be filled with spicy fumes and made all 6 people who walked in and out of the kitchen cough.  Brian's roommate's throat is "all f***ed up now," so there is probably a lawsuit there.  But it was all worth it because the resulting dish was perfectly spiced and very comforting.  The little bit of peanut butter in the sauce gave it some creaminess without going overboard.  I got to eat the leftovers, but not before Brian picked out all the remaining seitan.  But he did the dishes so I'll let it go this time.

Hope you saved Came-room for seconds!

Brian:  It's amazing how easily recipes like this come together when you don't have to make your own seitan. It's also amazing that in the past little while we have gone from thinking seitan was a "impossible to make as good as the stuff you buy" type product, to our homemade version being far superior. Sometimes you need to just go with what's convenient though. This recipe was amazing even with the inferior seitan (though I admit the charges of stealing the rest of it out of the pot at the end.) As Allie mentioned, we practically broke the Geneva Conventions against chemical weapons cooking this by causing my roommates considerable distress, but the outcome was well worth it. The sauce was creamy and spicy and blended well with the Israeli couscous in a way that made this a dish easy to go back for more. 5/5 would definitely make again!

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