Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sushi Bonanza!

Allie: Sometimes avocado rolls get boring, and it's hard to find creative vegan sushi.  While Brian was in another state, my law school buddy Sadie and I commandeered the kitchen and dining room for a whole day and figured out how to make delicious sushi for us to devour.  The rice recipe, which had 90000 steps and came out perfectly, is from World of the East.  The rolling instructions were from Veganomicon.  It was labor-intensive but the instructions were easy to follow and I had fun.  Sadie and I made some experimental lunch rolls that were delicious and then I made 5 fancy dinner rolls:

1. Spicy tempeh, avocado, scallion 
2. Spicy tempeh, jalapeno
3. "Yamroom" Steamed sweet potato and shiitake mushroom (inside-out, rolled in black sesame seeds and sea salt)
4. Roasted garlic, scallion, roasted salted peanut
5. Jalapeno, avocado, sugar snap pea, scallion, cucumber (inside-out, rolled in hot chile powder)

Somehow I got the spiciest jalapeno ever grown and it was unbelievably hot.  It was like, a ghost chili or something.  And I have a very high tolerance for spice.  The #5 roll was almost too hot to eat, especially with the chile powder coating but I managed to make it work somehow.  We almost killed Brian's roommate though.  The #2 also had jalapeno but I think the tempeh mixture with the mayo cooled it down a bit.  My favorite was the roasted garlic roll.  It was sweet, salty, crunchy and full of flavor.  Overall this meal gets a strong 5 out of 5 slice rating and I wish I could eat it every day.

Don't lose your tempeh, you too can make this

Brian:  I am starting to get incredibly spoiled by the amount of awesome food getting made for me. This was another dish that Allie prepared, with help from a friend, before I got home. On one hand, that is clearly awesome, but on the other kind of a bummer (not really) since I have wanted to learn how to make sushi for a long time. I suppose that just means we will have to prepare it again together soon! I've always heard that making the rice is one of the hardest parts about making good sushi, and judging from Allie's description of the process I can see why. Lots of rinsing, filtering and very specific cooking instructions. However, she nailed it and the rice was restaurant quality perfection, and each roll was rolled with precision (see above. Ain't it beautiful?) My favorite was the sweet potato and mushroom roll with the black sesame seeds on the outside, followed closely by the roasted garlic roll which was reminiscent of a roll you would get at local sushi place Miyas. The jalapeno rolls packed a pretty intense punch which made them the last to go, but as leftovers the next day they had mellowed and went pretty quickly. Overall, definitely a 5 out of 5 and I look forward to making these as a team in the future!

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