Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Citrus-Marinated Tempeh with Sweet Potatoes

This recipe was from Vegan Fire and Spice, except we used peanut oil instead of canola and reduced the oil by 1 tablespoon.  We also cut the marinating time from 1 hour to about 30 minutes.

Allie: The more I think about this recipe, the less impressed I am.  First of all it took a long time but there wasn't enough inactive cooking time that I could actually go do something else, so that was annoying.  In the end I got impatient and halved the marinading time, and I also probably didn't saute the tempeh for as long as I should have either, because it didn't get very brown.  That being said, the marinade was also the sauce and the tempeh was very flavorful so I don't think it made much of a difference.  The marinade/sauce was extremely citrus-y, which I know is in the title of the dish but I think maybe it was overkill.  The other ingredients in the sauce were completely overpowered.  It called for a dried chile and I used EIGHT dried chile piquin, and it was not that spicy at all.  The sweet potatoes were average.  This recipe made me think that maybe I just don't like citrus-flavored things or sweet potatoes all that much at all.  We had lots of leftovers but nobody really cared enough to save them.  I would not make this again, and I'm rating it 2 of 5 slices.  On the plus side, we are cooking from Vegan Fire and Spice all week so I look forward to finding recipes I like more!

A one note meal. A C note, the C standing for citrus

Brian: Like Allie, I was left feeling kind of mixed about this dish. In theory, a meal made of tempeh and sweet potatoes would be the best thing ever, but the sweet citrus flavor of the sauce kind of took over everything and made it taste like a slightly tempeh flavored orange and a slightly sweet potato flavored orange. I think if they had made you prepare the sweet potatoes a different way than cooking them, then putting them in the sauce to heat at the end it would have gone a long way to creating a wider array of flavors. Also the spice level way insanely low for the amount of peppers that were put in. Is it possible to get a whole container of duds? Are we just so used to ghost pepper sauces that we are now unaffected by lower spice levels? I think not, since the recent spicy sushi was pretty intense, but it makes you question yourself. Overall, I would give this a 3 out of 5, because like so many meals recently I didn't actually have to cook it. I would imagine if I had present during that laborious process I would be down with Allie's 2 out of 5. 

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